Saturday, November 04, 2006

Perimeter Trail

Sierra Vista, Arizona
I did this right after doing Brown Canyon, and I actually like this one a little better. Most of the trail is on a banked slope overlooking Highway 92, but it dives into a few nooks and crannies and even has a couple switchbacks along the way. There's ample climbing and downhill in both directions, although I definitely had more fun on the return trip (Carr to Miller).

How to get there: From Sierra Vista, take Hwy 92 to Miller Canyon Road. Turn right on Miller Canyon Road and head about 2 miles up to the parking area. The trailhead is on the right side of the road just before you reach the parking area.

Length: 7 miles, 1-2 hours, 1000 foot climb.

Trail Conditions: Pretty good.

The Map: Click on the map below to head to Motionbased. There's also a good map at SDMB.
Map of Perimeter Trail

The Ride: Start at the Perimeter trailhead in Miller Canyon. Head 3.75 miles on skinny singletrack to Carr Canyon. Turn around and come back.

Other Options: You can turn this into a good 10 mile loop by incorporating the Clark Springs trail. Directions are here

Trailhead at Carr Canyon

View of the Huachucas from Miller Canyon Road.

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