Friday, January 05, 2007

Rancho Santa Cruz

Navajoa, Sonora, Mexico

On my way up to Alamos, I met a group of ten riders from Navajoa who call themselves Lobo Aventurismo. Lobo Aventurismo is both club and a guide service, and they operate the only adventure sports store in Navajoa. Sadly, I was unable to ride with them, but they pointed me toward Rancho Santa Cruz, a working cattle ranch that hosts local races. The singletrack was what singletrack should always be: ecstatic. It winds through thorn scrub and cactus, dives into tight arroyos and bounds over rolling hills. It was 80 degrees out when I was there, and -- with little shade in the area -- I bet it's darn hot in the summertime.

How to get there: From Navajoa, head east on the highway to Alamos. Drive 14.2 miles to Rancho Santa Cruz on your left. A sign with a bike painted on it hangs from the barbed wire fence facing towards Navajoa, and it would be hard to see if you're coming from Alamos. On the gate itself is a New Jersey license plate. If the gate is locked, park on the side of the highway.

Length: 1 hour. 10 km. <500 feet elevation.

Trail Conditions: Dry and dusty.

The Map:

The Ride: From the casita, follow the main dirt road through a gate and head right. Go through another gate and head down the road for about 1 km. You'll see the sign for the Saque de Julian singletrack on your left. The main trail is well-maintained.

Roadside sign pointing you towards Rancho Santa Cruz.

A stretch of shady singletrack to escape the desert heat.

The Lobo Aventurismo storefront in Navajoa.


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